Website Help


Information and links in this page will help you to use and navigate the website.

  1. Contacting the Head Office – To contact the Head Office call 1-647-748-2120 or email
  2. Register Button – Only Members of ECAMFC and Applicants can Register. To Register click on the Register  button and fill the form that will open. We will notify you by email as soon as your account is activated and you will be able to log in. In order to access the Members area you must login. Registration allows you to access information available from the Members Button and receive notifications of new posts. All other information on our website does not need Registration.
  3. To Login – To Log In go to the bottom of the page. In the center you find the Login Box. Enter your ID or your email address and your password to  login. The Login Status dialog at the bottom of the pages changes and shows “You are logged in as….”
  4. If You Forgot Your Password or ID – Click Forgot link at the bottom of the Login Box. You will be presented a form to complete.
  5. To Log Out – Use the Log Out button at the right hand side of the top menu.
  6. Subscribe to Notifications – This enables non-members to receive notification of new posts.. Enter your email address in the Subscribe box to subscribe to our blog. Anybody can subscribe.
  7. News – The News includes posts presented with the last first. The last five posts are shown in the Home page. Posts are categorized as: News, National Conventions, Regional Meetings, Prayer Requests. For easy of access you can select to list only posts of one category by opening a sub-menu button.
  8. Forms to join ECAMFC –  Application Forms to join our fellowship  can be found by clicking here or by hovering over the  Membership button.
  9. Forms for Members – Forms for members and the Directory are in the Members area of the website. To download them you must Login.
  10. Bible Institute – If you do not meet our educational requirements, we provide courses through our Bible Extension Institute (BEI). Information on the BEI is accessed through the Bible Institute button.
  11. Search – At the right hand side of each page you can find  Search button to search the website for specific topics
  12. Jobs Opening of positions and ministers available in ECAMFC are listed from the Jobs button.