BEI Curriculum & Textbooks

Courses should be taken in the sequential order presented here. Students can only take one course at the time. Instructions for enrolling are here.

All books can be purchased from Christian Book Distributors at a discount. To order click on the title/link.

Some courses of the BEI curriculum are still in development. Information on the following courses is presently available:

BT-101 – Introduction to Biblical Theology
What the Bible Teaches: The Truths of the Bible Made Plain, Simple, and Understandable
By: R.A. Torrey
Hendrickson Publishers / 2008 / Paperback

CA-102 – Basic Christian Apologetics
The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict
By: Josh McDowell
Thomas Nelson / 1999 / Hardcover

ED-103 – Evangelism and Discipleship
The Master Plan of Evangelism
By: Robert E. Coleman
Baker / 2006 / Paperback

IS-104 – The Intrepretation of Scriptures
How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth
By: Gordon D. Fee, Douglas Stuart
Zondervan / 2003 / Paperback

IB-105 – Introduction to the Bible
Textbook: The Bible – KJV, NKJV or NASVNTS-106 – Knowing New Testament Scriptures
Textbook: The Bible -KJV,NKJV orNASVOTS-107 – Knowing Old Testament Scriptures
Textbook: The Bible – KJV, NKJV or NASV

PH-108 – Principles of Homiletic
How to Prepare Bible Messages, Revised
By: James Braga
Multnomah Publishers, Inc. / 2005 / Paperback

PH-108 – Recommended Reading (not compulsory):
The Art and Craft of Biblical Preaching: A Comprehensive Resource for Today’s Communicators
Edited By: Craig Brian Larson
By: Haddon W. Robinson
Zondervan / 2005 / Hardcover

CH-109 – Church History
Christian History Made Easy
By: Timothy Paul Jones, PhD
Rose Publishing / 2009 / Softcover

CC-110 Pastoral Counseling
Textbook to be announced

CC-111 – The Holy Spirit
Like a Rushing Mighty Wind
By Rev. Gordon Williams with Diane Roblin Lee – A practical and important Christian teaching highlighting the “Baptism of the Holy Spirit” and the nine “Gifts of the Holy Spirit” as outlined in the book of Corinthians. ( 304 pages )

CC-112 – Ministerial Practicum
Textbooks: One of the following two Minister’s Manuals is recommended.
Nelson’s Minister’s Manual, NKJV
Thomas Nelson / 2004 / Bonded Leather

Nelson’s Minister’s Manual, KJV
Thomas Nelson / 2004 / Bonded Leather

Other courses are available and are assigned to students according to their needs.