Introduction to BEI

To be licensed or ordained by ECAMFC, applicants for membership must meet the educational requirements. Those applicants who do not meet the requirements can apply to the ECAMFC – Bible Extension Institute (BEI) to upgrade their knowledge of the Bible and of topics related to the ministry.

Applicants must submit documentation of courses taken with other organizations to determine if they can be accepted. Each Application for Membership is assessed by ECAMFC to determine if additional education is required. An interview may be necessary to assess the candidate’s background.

Admission to BEI

When an Application for Membership is accepted conditional on educational upgrade, the candidate is automatically admitted to BEI and receives a student/membership ID.

Regular Curriculum

The Curriculum is being reviewed to include all the courses required to provide an adequate background for effective ministry. The progress of each student will be assessed to determine when they are ready for Licensing and for Ordination. Generally, applicants meeting educational requirements who succeed at their interview will only be licensed. After the License, the new member will be assessed by ECAMFC before applying for ordination.

Course Enrollment

Accepted Ministry Students and any other member needing or wanting educational upgrade can enroll in a BEI course by submitting to the Head Office a Course Application Form. Students can only take one course at the time, and must pass that course before applying for another one. Each course may involve one or more exams and assignments. The student will receive the related instructions in a Course Kit after applying for the course.

Studying for the Courses

You can take only one course at a time. We suggest that before starting to study for a course you apply and receive the Course Kit. This will help you to organize your study, to know which parts of the textbook are covered in the exam and understand the required homework. Please note that sometimes you don’t need to study all the chapters of the textbook. Nevertheless, it is good that you become familiar with these chapters because you may need this ionformation later in your ministry. The homework assigned is the form of note taking. It should be done while reading the chapters because it will help you to focus on what you are reading. Different courses have different content focus; accordingly the homework requirements will also change. It is through the exams we  determine your effort and understanding on the material studied.


Systematic study and reviews are more important than high marks to benefit from these courses. Learning and retention should be your focus.