Our Values

Today traditional Christian values are being eroded in both our society and the church. In this environment, ECAMFC takes a clear stand to preserve the fundamental Biblical basis of the historic beliefs of the church and to preserve the traditional meaning of the family and of marriage. For the ECAMFC position on marriage, please follow this link.

ECAMFC is an interdenominational and nonsectarian organization. As such, ECAMFC is not anti-denominational. In fact, many members within ECAMFC serve in denominational churches. However, God has called other ministers to operate independently of the established denominations and has raised ECAMFC to provide such ministers an organization where they can obtain credentials, support and fellowship from a recognized ecclesiastical body.

ECAMFC is not competitive but cooperative. To become a member of ECAMFC, one does not have to resign from any other reputable ecclesiastical organization.

Our Fellowship

ECAMFC holds to its Biblically based Tenets of Faith without compromise but reaches beyond nonessential doctrinal differences to enable its members to experience “How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.” (Psalm 133:1) Further, every member of the ECAMFC is required to subscribe to and live with integrity according to the code of ethics described in our  Ministerial Ethics  policy.

Accordingly, members of ECAMFC shall be liable to discipline, censure, or removal from membership, annulment of ordination and cancellation of credentials for any reason described in our Disciplinary Procedures.

In addition to the annual dues, ECAMFC depends entirely upon its members to finance the work. We earnestly request your gifts and offerings to help operate ECAMFC.