Ministry Ads – Vacant Positions and Available Ministers

ministry ads

Free Ministry Ads

Ministry Ads are a new service we provide for our members. Helping our members fulfill theirs call and churches fill their vacancies are two of ECAMFC goals. We hope that our members will find this service useful.

We will improve this service as we better define the needs of our members and identify more Ministry Ads classification categories. This will enable easier access to the information as more posts will be published.

Only Members of ECAMFC can publish Ads in this area of the website. They can list information on:

  • Positions and Job Openings in their church or ministry
  • the Services they provide and their Availability for ministry

How to Post Your Ads

For now, you can email to the Head Office the information to post on your Ad and the updates.

Please let us know when you want to delete your Ad.

How to Reach the Lists of Ads

Presently, you can access the lists of posts from the sub-menus, “Vacant Positions” and “Available Ministers” under the menu item “Jobs” or by clicking here on Positions or Ministers

Ads Are Reserved to Members but Can Be Accessed by Anyone

Only members of ECAMFC can post on this list but the list is public. This page has been optimized for search engines to make it easy to find it by anybody on the web.