Institutional Membership

At this time this membership type is still in development and the related forms are not available.

The ECAMFC offers Institutional Membership to independent churches and non-profit organizations as a means to work in association with other institutions in promoting the cause of Christ. This gives member organizations the opportunity to receive benefits and to work together with other organizations that share the same goals and mission while remaining autonomous.

The ECAMFC does not control property or finances of its Institutional Member Organizations but provides meetings and conventions for fellowship and networking with other evangelical ministers and organizations.

Membership Benefits

Intitutional Member Organizations have the folowing benefits:

  • Receive a Yearly Membership Certificate,
  • Are allowed one delegate to vote at the ECAMFC General Meeting.
  • Can request ECAMFC support to fill temporary or permanent positions in their staff.
  • Can advertise in the ECAMFC Newsletter and Web Site.
  • Can have access to and post on the exclusive ECAMFC Members’ Web Forum.
  • Can request support to ECAMFC to resolve internal problems.
  • Can use the “Member of ECAMFC” logo in their literature.

Institutional Member Organizations pay an annual membership due of $200 and submit an Institutional Yearly Report.