Rev George A. Desjardins

Rev. George A. Desjardins received his bachelors degree in English and Spanish literature from Carleton University. He studied at teacher’s college and taught high school English and Spanish and adult ESL programs for 10 years in Ontario public schools. In 1977 he went to study with the Wycliffe Bible Translators and received his masters in linguistics from the University of Texas at Arlington where he worked on a PhD and taught ESL on fellowship. George taught in their Christian school and was trained for the ministry and later ordained by Shady Grove Church, Grand Prairie, Texas from 1980 to 1983.

Upon returning to Canada in 1983, he joined the ministry division of Crossroads Christian Communications [100 Huntley Street] and was their Eastern Ontario Area Director for eleven years at the Ottawa Prayer Counselling Centre. Since leaving that position in 1994, George has written 4 manuscripts and published one of them on Amazon/Kindle “When God Shows Up – A Study in the Feasts of Israel”. He taught seminars, counseled, served several churches as interim pastor, worked as a residential counsellor in a group home for adolescents and adults who are mentally and emotionally challenged. He trained volunteer counsellors and established bi-lingual prayer centre for Crossroads in Montreal in 1997.

George returned to teaching work full-time from 2000 to 2004 at Glebe Collegiate in Ottawa teaching ESL, Spanish and English. He now does occasional teaching for the Ottawa Catholic schools, does ESL intensive programs with the University of Mexico in Gatineau, Quebec.

George is also the Secretary and a presenter for the scientific creationist group CORE which sponsors Genesis Week on You Tube and the Miracle Channel.