Dr. Maurizio Mingardi – Biography

Dr. Maurizio Mingardi is the founder and Senior Pastor of Mount Zion -Church of the Firstborn,  in Ottawa.

He came to Canada as a scientist in 1965, did research and taught at various Canadian universities. He was an atheist, but in 1972, shortly after moving to Ottawa to work for the National Research Council, he was saved as the result of a supernatural experience with the love of God. He then decided to serve God and his life as a scientist was turned upside down.

While preparing for the ministry, Maurizio worked first as an Information Systems consultant, then Director of the Privy Council Office – Information Systems Division, and after as a professor at the Université de Québec, in Hull. Finally, in 1986 he fulfilled his call, was ordained by ECAMFC and started to serve full time as pastor of the church he had founded.

Maurizio has been appointed to executive positions of ministerial and para-church organizations, and since 1997 to the Board of Directors of ECAMFC. From 2004 to 2014 he has been the Secretary and Treasurer of ECAMFC, has established and managed the Head Office and developed courses for the new  Bible Extension Institute of ECAMFC. In 2014 Maurizio was elected President of ECAMFC.

As a Spirit-filled minister, Maurizio’s goal is to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom. Because Jesus’ ministry has not changed, the Holy Spirit works signs and wonders through believers today just as He did in the book of Acts.  Maurizio demonstrates this truth in his ministry. He helps believers to experience the love and power of God, to become doers of the Word, to use their spiritual gifts,  to receive God’s promises. and to fulfill their call.