Minister Available: Rev. George A. Desjardins

Rev. George Desjardins

Ministry Available for Pulpit Replacement, Conferences, Retreats, Seminars.

Position: Part Time  – Temporary.

Location: Ontario and Quebec

George primary gift is as a teacher having taught in both Canada and in the US.  He has taught secondary school, college and university courses as well as many adult education courses during his teaching career. While he has taught many academic subjects, his greatest delight has been in teaching the Bible which has been his passion for 50 years.

He was ordained in 1985 at Shady Grove Church, Grand Prairie Texas and has consistently sought to serve the body of Christ expounding the Word while pursuing formal and informal training in Bible hermeneutics.

He studied for his Master’s in Linguistics at the University of Texas and took courses in Bible Translation with the Wycliffe Bible Translators from 1977 to 1980 and using that background he taught Scripture five days a week for eleven years, training volunteer prayer counsellors who were serving Christ on the phones for 100 Huntley Street in Canada’s capital, Ottawa. He brings a student’s heart and a desire to encourage the body of Christ to all he teaches.

George presently holds credentials as an ordained minister with the ECA Ministerial Fellowship of Canada where he serves as the executive assistant to it’s president, Dr. Maurizio Mingardi.


Curriculum Vitae

Topics of Seminars and Teachings

  •  Lovemaking His Way [Marriage Seminar for Couples]
  • Setting The Captives Free [Inner Healing and Deliverance Seminar]
  • Out of the Saltshaker [Lay Ministry Training]
  • Winning the Prize [A Study on the believer’s rewards]
  • Apocalypse: Perspectives on the End Times [Exegesis of the entire book of  Revelation]
  • The Destiny of the Church [A Study of the Book of Ephesians]
  • Prophecy [A Study of the office and the gift of  Prophecy from Old and New Testament
  • Dying to Live [Counselling Ministry Course]
  • Spanish For Missions [Language training with focus on the Bible]
  • When God Shows Up [The Feasts of Israel: The Blueprint of history /Amazon/Kindle Book]
  • Love is the Answer [A Study of 1 John]
  • Healing [A Biblical Perspective on Physical Healing]
  • Hope for Dark Days [A Study in 1 and 2 Peter]
  • Practical Christian Living [A Study of the Book of James]
  • Joseph: The End-Time Remnant [A Study of the Life of Joseph and how God prepares His people.]
  • Seminars on Creation Science for adults and youth [Topics include: What do the fossils really tell us? The mystery of DNA. The scientific evidence for a young earth and universe. What Languages/Linguistics say about Evolution. Can we really trust Genesis? Philosophical and theological problems with the theory of evolution.]
  • Victory Over Depression [A look at what the Scriptures say about depression and how to be set free.]
  •  World Views and the Believer [Understanding the philosophies of our time and how we ought to see the world from a Biblical perspective.. Especially applicable to young people going to college or university.]
  • Prayer Seminar [This seminar is a tour de force in prayer covering the biblical and historical basis for prayer, how to pray, what kinds of prayer there are including warfare prayers and, praying with and for people.]
  • Davinci Code [There was a lot of interest with the release of a couple of movies about the gnostic gospels and conspiracy theories concerning the “truth” about Jesus. This seminar examines the ideas of Dave Brown from his own words and brings the best Biblical scholarship forward to counter his ideas.
  • The 10 Myths [A look at the 10 most common myths about Christianity and how to refute them. Campus Crusade provided the material. Can be done in 6 hours or less.
  • The Gifts of the Spirit [This will help individuals to understand the Motivational/Operational Gifts, the Administration Gifts, and the Manifestation or Power Gifts  of the Spirit. In the process believers discover their various giftings and how these can help them to function better in the world and in the Church.
  • Aliens and UFO’S: Is There a Biblical Answer? [The result of a multi-year research project looking at all the information available. The evidence is that there is a Biblical answer and it will surprise you. While 95% of the phenomena can be ascribed to demonic and hallucinogenic causes there is the stubborn 5% of cases that need an explanation.

Sample Recording
Apocalypse: Perspectives on the End Times MP3

Contact Information

Phone (Home): 613- 828-7605
Cell: 613-793-6780