Report – York Regional Meeting- Nov. 19 2016

Some Ministers emailed their regrets and stated they were hoping to attend a regional meeting at a later date.  Although the attendance was small, the Holy Spirit filled the room with joy. During the time of sharing, singing Hymns and praying we felt the presence of God. We opened the meeting with prayer, then read a copy of the Mission statement of ECAMFC.  We also read the report of the Ottawa Regional Meeting , we discussed the word that had been given from Isaiah 1 :25-29, at their meeting which brought encouragement to us.  We shared and enjoyed ministry testimonies, and prayed for one another for a greater commitment to our ministries. A word came forth from Hebrews 4: 11 that we were to labor into God’s rest. That He would guide us into the call He has upon our lives. A time of  fellowship followed  enjoying the delicious light refreshments before closing in prayer
In His Love,
Submitted By;
 Rev. Donna Benzies